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Virtual Songwriting Club Songs Now on SoundCloud!

Patti Ann and Harry share the importance of virtual programming at McCormick Dementia Services.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, McCormick Dementia Services took a leadership position in our community and made a very difficult decision, to temporarily close their doors to ensure the safety of clients, caregivers, families, and staff.

Recognizing the significant impact this would have for clients and caregivers – the staff team quickly adapted their knowledge, experience, and skill sets and have expanded their reach into the community by introducing the Caregiver's Corner website and utilizing a series of virtual tools to provide ongoing, essential support services and virtual recreation and activity programs.

The team continues think outside the box and develop new ways to provide critical support for caregivers and clients. The virtual songwriting program, dubbed Virtual Songwriting Club, is one example the innovative virtual programs facilitated by the day program recreation staff and musician, Joanne Does.

Virtual programs like this are changing the landscape of cargiver supports - building confidence and increasing their confidence to care for their loved one's at home through meaningful activities that allow individuals to safely connect and socialize with old and new friends.

Members of the Virtual Songwriting Club are pleased to announce that their songs are now available to listen to on SoundCloud! Additionally, the songbook with lyrics can be found on McCormick Dementia Services, Caregiver Corner. In a video, interview caregiver Patti Ann shared,

"...everyone contributes so much and when the song is finally put together, there is a collective joy, delight and honour in our contributions. This CD means a great deal especially for us and the web site is just the best idea for being able to share this incredible work of a wonderful Group of Songwriters."

~ Patti Ann, Caregiver

Together, with your support, we can continue to help enable people with dementia lead meaningful lives and provide caregivers the support and information needed to feel a sense of safety and belonging.

Join our mission to help us enhance care and enrich the lives of clients, residents, and families of McCormick Care Group and better serve the growing demand for dementia care support in our community...and beyond.

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