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February 2023

  • 14th Valentines Day

March 2023

  • 17th St. Patrick's Day

April 2023

  • 9th Easter

May 2023

  • 14th Mother's Day

We are incredibly proud to help support McCormick Care Group but we couldn't do it without you, our donors.

Are you aware of how your donation impacts the lives of residents, clients, caregivers, families, and staff?

Residents and clients are given what is needed for their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.  Families and caregivers are experiencing the quality of care their loved ones receive, and given the tools to look after themselves and deal with their loved ones diagnosis. Let's not forget about the staff who bring not only their training and skills but that magic and spark to each interaction.

Subsidies, supplies, concerts, outings, music, gardening, baking, singing, events, socialization, art, games, exercise, reading, meals, and the list goes on! All of these provide continuous engagement and dignity, purpose, smiles and joy to all those involved.



Thanks to your generosity and support, we continue to fulfill our mission to enhance the care and enrich the lives of residents, clients, and families of McCormick.

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