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Connecting Youth with McCormick Care Group

St. Mary's Choir & Orchestra Catholic School send letters of hope and inspiration to residents during the global pandemic!

Teachers with St. Mary's Choir & Orchestra Catholic School help students in grades 4 and 5, learn the value of giving back to your community by raising funds that help provide gifts for residents at McCormick Home.

To show our appreciation, the teachers and students are invited to an open house at McCormick Care Group, where the 40 - 50 students are divided into 5 - 6 groups and participate with residents and clients in a variety of acitvities. Residents love connecting with the students and the students learn more about the imapct of their giving, while destigmatizing aging and dementia.

The visit traditionally concludes with the angelic voices of the students during a choir performance followed by a sing along with residents.

Due to COVID-19, we were unable to invite the students for the annual open house. Instead, with guidance from the very thoughtful teachers, the students wrote letters, share stories, created beautiful paintings and drawings, and even wrote poetry!

The students kindness and generosity were a welcome distraction when their package arrived at the end of June, and the residents were thrilled to hear from the students. Our hope is that next year, we will resume our open house - we can't wait to safely, spend time together again.

Thank you so very much for your letters of hope and inspiration during these unprecidented times!

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