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Together, we've raised more than $50,000!
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We're thrilled to announce the success of Fit for Care and our inaugural Maggie's Run. Thanks to the generous support of our incredible community, we've exceeded our fundraising goal! This remarkable achievement is a testament to the power of unity and compassion.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to our amazing donors, sponsors, participants, dedicated residents and families, selfless volunteers, and our exceptional staff. You've made this achievement possible!

Your contributions allow us to enhance our life enrichment activities, which, as we all know, are vital in advancing excellence in senior and dementia care.

These activities aren't merely pastimes; they're lifelines. They provide our residents with moments of joy, connection, and purpose.

Activities like musical entertainment, special events, and excursions may seem simple on the surface, but their impact is immense. They enrich lives, fostering emotional well-being and mental stimulation.

They enhance the quality of care we provide, creating a warm and engaging environment that promotes not only physical but also emotional and psychological health.


Heartfelt Thanks to Alex Hanham, the Heart of Maggie's Run

We're deeply grateful to Medpoint's CEO, Alex Hanham, for his exceptional $5,000 annual pledge over the next five years. It's more than a financial contribution; it's a tribute to his mother's memory and a powerful demonstration of his unwavering commitment to our mission. Alex's generosity embodies the spirit of giving and support that defines Maggie's Run.

His extraordinary gift allows us to keep nurturing this spirit and making a meaningful impact in our community. Thank you, Alex, for being the heart of Maggie's Run, inspiring us with the incredible power of unity and compassion as we continue to create positive change, year after year.



We truly appreciate the generosity of our sponsors. Their support plays a significant role in supporting our mission to advance excellence in dementia care.

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Resident Roll/Stroll Sponsor
Community Celebration
Wellness Fair Sponsor
Runners Grab'n Go Sponsor
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Hydration Station Sponsor
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Event-Kit Sponsor
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