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JANUARY 16, 2020

Images of McCormick Dementia Services Spa

Help us "fill the tub" at the Ritz Gala by making a donation in support of our Fundraising Focus and receive a special thank you gift and a chance receive a special prize. 

In partnership with


This year, the Ritz Gala has a special fundraising focus – to renovate and refresh the “Spa” for clients of McCormick Dementia Services.


Since the Spa was built nearly 10 years ago, the needs of our clients and their families have dramatically changed. Our knowledge of dementia and the impact on an individual’s visual and spatial understanding has grown tremendously since the Spa was first built.


Clients are younger, with more advanced, more complex forms of dementia, and are living at home longer than ever before. This new normal has increased the demand for Spa services – creating an urgent need to design a dementia friendly Spa that is warm and welcoming, with new equipment to help ease anxieties and provide a positive, safe experience for everyone.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we’re able to fund additional programs and specialized services not funded by the provincial government.

From enhancing care and supporting a range of diverse, stimulating services and activities, to providing subsidies for those who need it most – our donors help create the McCormick Care difference everyone is talking about.


Thank you for your consideration – your support is truly appreciated.

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