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Advancing Excellence in Dementia Care for You - today and tomorrow.


You Make the "McCormick Difference"

Your donations are so much more than just financial support. They are a symbol of hope for our residents, a testament to the incredible power of community, and a testament to the love and care that surrounds us all.

Your contributions allow us to enhance our life enrichment activities, which, as we all know, are vital in advancing excellence in senior and dementia care.

These activities aren't merely pastimes; they're lifelines. They provide our clients and residents with moments of joy, connection, and purpose.

Activities like musical entertainment, special events, and excursions may seem simple on the surface, but their impact is immense. They enrich lives, fostering emotional well-being and mental stimulation.

Thank you for your incredible generosity, and for making the McCormick Difference.

To learn more about what we do, contact: Michelle Hancock by email at or by phone at 519-432-2648 x2377

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