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Social Work Services

Your donation to Social Work enhance care for residents, families, and our community.

Social work focuses on the person within their environment and recognizes the importance of family, community, culture, legal, social, spiritual, and economic influences that impact the well-being of residents and their families.

Social Workers provide emotional support, advocacy and information to patients and their families, as they cope with the challenges brought on by the transition into long-term care, illness, treatment, or loss.

Your donation to Social Work and Spiritual Care fund provide specialized services to residents, families, and our community including,

RESIDENT ADMISSIONS: The social worker is the lead contact for admissions and meets with all new admissions. Provides emotional support, and assistance with transition, loss and grief when coming to long-term care.

SPOUSAL SUPPORT GROUP FACILITATOR: Facilitates bi-weekly sessions, meeting every second Monday. Currently have 8-10 active members, some of which come from other long-term care homes in the community.

FAMILY SUPPORT GROUPS: Facilitates sessions as demand dictates for children of residents needing support as they adjust to a parent being placed in long-term care.

PALLITAVE CARE OUTREACH: Following the death of a resident, the Social Worker contacts family members to offer support during and following the resident’s end of life journey.

AFTER CARE OUTREACH: Continues to coordinate and arrange for After Care following the death of a resident. Sends a Remembrance Willow Tree Angel on behalf of the Home.

SPIRTUAL CARE: is recognized as an important part of health whether a person is religious or not.

CELEBRATION OF LIFE: This impactful ceremony is an emotional tribute to those residents who have passed, and provides an opportunity for families, friends, staff and volunteers to share the residents’ journey in our Home.

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