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Life Enrichment

Donations support additional programs and activities.

Thanks to the generosity of our community – we’re able to fund innovative programs and specialized services as identified by McCormick Care Group that enhance care and enrich the lives of residents, clients, and their families, beyond the funding from the provincial government.

Together with our donors, we can ensure the staff teams have the tools, resources, and equipment needed to provide additional programming and activities community has come to expect from McCormick.

VIRTUAL VISITS: Offer supportive virtual visits to residents and families over the course of the pandemic.

BUS TRIPS: These trips provide residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor environment by experiencing scenic trips as well as engaging with the community (i.e. Horse Farms, Fruit Farms, Shopping Trips, Byron Bog). Residents receive direct enjoyment from these trips and an opportunity to converse with others about their community excursions.

MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT: These programs engage residents in a meaningful way which stimulate memories, allows for singing, dancing and physical interactions with instruments.

CAR CRUISE NIGHT: This is a community event which creates excitement for the residents and a “buzz” within the home. The old cars, BBQ, entertainment, prizes and themed event is a special evening for residents to enjoy and engage with the local community.

GARDENING: Residents assist, observe and participate in garden activities which includes watering, planting, sensory pots, feeding the birds. This opportunity stimulates skills and memories and maintains current functioning level of enjoyment. Foster hope of seeing their plantings grow.

CARE & COMFORT: This fund provides special care and comfort items or services for low income residents. In the past this fund has been used to pay for specialized transportation to medical appointments and supported special moments for residents to lift their spirits when feeling down or alone.

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