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More than 350 hugs were given and it was a huge boost for McCormick staff teams!

With each donation, we sent your messages, along with a package of Hershey's Hugs and a "hugged" button to McCormick staff teams. 

Each "Hug" was received with genuine gratitude, great big smiles, and a little disbelief that someone was thinking of them!

Thank you for sharing some happiness with others and for supporting quality of life programming at McCormick!

Want to Give More hugs?

Consider the sending a hug to the following teams:

  • McCormick Dementia Services Team

  • Memory Lane

  • Oak Avenue

  • Maple Grove

  • Willow Ridge

  • Evergreen Walk

  • McCormick Dementia Services

  • Environmental Services

  • Screeners

  • Dietary/Kitchen Staff

  • Administration Teams

  • Hug someone who hasn't been hugged yet!

YES! I want to give a hug

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