• Michelle Hancock

Barley Mowat visits McCormick Home

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Everyone was smitten when 9 week old, Barely Mowat visited McCormick Home. Barley is a well tempered Siberian Husky puppy with contagious playfulness and lots of affection to go around.

Pets can be a source of immense pleasure residents, regular visits with pets have been known to help reduce stress and alleviate depression, and provide a sense of purpose. Although there are no puppies living at McCormick Home, pets are welcome and family members frequently bring them along for their visits with residents.

Barley's visit was a welcome addition to the day and sparked great conversations from memorable pet stories to the colour of his eyes. And when Barley could no longer keep his eyes open - it was time to let this sleeping dog lie.

See you soon Barley.




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