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How do I apply to host an event in support of McCormick Care Foundation?

No application is needed to host an event that offers proceeds to MCF.

However, you will need to agree to our Community Event Guidelines here, to access resources, media materials, and support to get the most out of your event.

I didn’t realize there was a process for this, and have already begun planning my event. Is that okay?

Don’t worry, that is common and perfectly okay. If you would like additional resources to formalize your event some more (media, logos, information, donation forms, online giving support, etc…) please read and agree to our Community Event Guidelines here, then simply email it to us at, 

My event is really soon, can McCormick Care Foundation still support me?

Absolutely! Please contact us directly to discuss your upcoming event at

What can McCormick Care Foundation provide me to make my event successful?

For a list of supportive resources, please visit our Community Events Home Page here.

You can also find some limitations regarding representation, resources, marketing, and logistics in the FAQs below.

Can a McCormick Care Foundation representative attend my event?

Potentially. Although we wish we could attend every event in support of McCormick Care Foundation, we cannot guarantee a representative at every event. We do our best to be there, but in the case that we cannot, we are happy to provide speaking notes and supportive materials on behalf of McCormick Care Foundation.

We may also be able to provide a speaker for your event. An expert from the McCormick Care Group family of industry leaders may be able to do a presentation for your event. Please contact the Manager of Events and Annual Fund at  if you wish to book a speaker.

Can McCormick Care Foundation provide funds to offset event expenses?

As a community event, McCormick Care Foundation does not provide any funding to run the events. With that said, our team can help you navigate the best avenues to offset event expenses, and raise funds.

Can I use the McCormick Care Foundation logo?

You may use our logo on promotional materials once you have agreed to our Community Event Guidelines located here. Please note that in the event that you do make any advertisements, please send them to your supportive point-of-contact at McCormick Care Foundation for a quick review prior to printing and distribution. There are guidelines on how to properly use our logo which you can read more about here. If you are a corporate event looking to fundraise, your McCormick Care Foundation POC will share logo usage options with you.

Can you help me find sponsors for my event?

McCormick Care Foundation can work with you to brainstorm and come up with a list of appropriate sponsors for your event, but we cannot approach corporations or individuals on your behalf. We can provide you with tools and resources to make ‘the ask’ yourself such as sample sponsorship packages and ask letters. Hint: take a look at our sample sponsorship package.

Can I use a McCormick Care Group space as a venue?

Unfortunately due to COVID policies and liability issues, we are unable to host any third-party events on our grounds.

If you are looking for a public space in the London, Ontario area, view the city’s special event support page here:

We are also able to assist in offering location suggestions for your event.

Licenses, Liability, and Insurance

Please note that McCormick Care Foundation cannot obtain permits, insurance, or licenses on your behalf.

I would like to run a raffle at my event. Do I need a license?

Gaming and lotteries including bingo, 50/50 draws, gambling, raffles or games of chance often have special considerations that require licenses. Please visit for more information.

We recommend that instead, you hold a promotional draw. You can run a draw without acquiring a license, but you must offer the tickets for a suggested minimum donation instead of a fixed amount.

I need to rent a tent for my event. Do I need anything?

You may need a tent permit depending on the location/municipality/city of your event, size of the tent, and its usage. 

In accordance with the Ontario Building Code, a building permit is not required for a tent or group of tents:

-    not more than 60 square metres in aggregate ground area; and
-    not attached to a building; and
-    constructed more than 3.0 metres from other structures.

Two or more tents are considered a group of tents if the tents are not more than 3.0 metres apart.

All tents – regardless of size – shall comply with the applicable Zoning By-law, the Ontario Fire Code, and applicable laws, including Reopening Ontario Act, 2020.

Does my event need insurance? 

While event insurance is not a provincial requirement, please note that McCormick Care Group or any of its subsidiaries assumes no liability for damages, injury, or otherwise unforeseen unfortunate events. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that event insurance be obtained if possible. Many insurance companies you may already work with offer this at a fairly low cost.

Do I need a liquor license to serve alcohol?

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) requires a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) any time liquor is served anywhere other than at a private residence. If on private property, a “Private Event” SOP is required to sell alcohol, but not to serve it. Note that private events cannot be advertised to the public.
If your intent is to sell alcohol at your event (regardless of the location), or if you are publically advertising your event, you need a “Public Event” SOP.  
Note that if you are working with a venue that already has a liquor licence, please speak with them for further information about their licencing requirements. 
Learn more here: 

What do I do if I have additional questions?

If you have further questions, please contact our Manager of Events and Annual Fund at

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